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Exporting data using tSAPHanaUnload

tSAPHanaUnload lets you export data from an SAP HANA database, which you can import to a third-party storage such as Amazon S3.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This sample scenario includes a Talend Job that shows you how you can use tSAPHanaUnload when exporting massive data all at once.

Let's imagine you have a table in the SAP HANA database that contains the information of your clients. This information includes their names, their companies, their email addresses, and other important data needed to transact business. Now, you want to export these data and store them in an external storage system. It may be possible to directly export data from the SAP HANA database, but we are talking about a huge amount of client information. This is where tSAPHanaUnload becomes useful.


  • Ensure that you have access to both the SAP HANA database engine and the unload directory

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