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Extracting Data using tSAPInfoCubeInput

You can retrieve data from an SAP application table using the tSAPInfoCubeInput component.

This scenario applies to all Talend products.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

About InfoCube

In SAP, an InfoCube is an object that functions both as a data target and an InfoProvider. There are several types of InfoCubes including the Basic InfoCube.

A Basic InfoCube physically stores data, and is filled with data using the SAP Business Warehouse staging.

About this scenario

In this scenario, you extract data from a Basic InfoCube table, the 0FIGL_C10. As such, you need to enable some filtering to focus on various accounting information such as Fiscal Period, Local Currency, Transaction Currency, Company Code, Cost Center, and so forth.

Enabling the filters on the SAP system optimizes the extraction time.

To successfully extract accounting data from a Basic InfoCube table, perform the following procedures.

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