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Consuming IDocs for processing by tHMap

This scenario applies to all Talend products.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

The following scenario creates a three-component Job that connects to a Talend SAP RFC server, in order to consume IDocs for processing by tHMap.

Note that the tHMap component is only available in the Palette of Talend Studio if you have subscribed to one of the Talend Platform products.

Also note that the tSAPIDocReceiver component can be linked directly to a tHMap component via a Row > Main connection. However, this does not work when your Job is deployed on a Job Server. In this case, you need to link the tSAPIDocReceiver component first to a tFlowToIterate component via a Row > Main connection, then the tFlowToIterate component to a tFixedFlowInput component via a Row > Iterate connection, finally the tFixedFlowInput component to the tHMap component via a Row > Main connection, and the Job will look like below.

  • The SAP server needs to be configured to operate with Talend SAP RFC Server.

    You can find more information about how to configure SAP to operate with the Talend SAP RFC Server in Talend Help Center.

  • Talend SAP RFC Server needs to be installed, configured and running to receive IDocs from the SAP server. For more information, see the section Installing and configuring Talend SAP RFC Server in Talend Installation and Upgrade Guide.

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