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Installing the SAP Java Connector on Windows 7 64-bit

The following steps illustrates how to install the SAP Java Connector into Talend Studio on Windows 7 64-bit.


  1. Unzip the appropriate distribution package into an arbitrary directory {sapjco3.x-install-path}.
  2. Add {sapjco3.x-install-path} to the system PATH environment variable.
  3. Add {sapjco3.x-install-path}\sapjco3.jar to your CLASSPATH environment variable.
  4. In Talend Studio, click the Window > Show view... menu and in the pop-up dialog box displayed, expand Talend and select Modules, then click OK to open the Modules viewer.
  5. Click on the upper right of the Modules viewer, and in the pop-up dialog box, browse to {sapjco3.x-install-path} and select sapjco3.jar, then click Open.
  6. Restart Talend Studio.

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