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Retrieves the content of a secret object (usually, a password) stored in a Cyberark vault at runtime. The retrieved content is stored in the after variable SECRET, which can be referenced by any subsequent components in the Job. The content can also be passed to the subsequent component in a column named secret through a Row > Main connection.

Information noteNote:

This component is not shipped with your Talend Studio by default. You need to install it using the Feature Manager. For more information, see Installing features using the Feature Manager.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This component requires that:
  • You have a CyberArk user account.
  • Credential provider provided by CyberArk is installed on the machine where you want to retrieve the password and is configured properly. See Install the Credential Provider and Credential Provider Configuration for related information.
  • The Windows system service Cyberark Application Password Provider is running.
  • The module required by Cyberark (for example, JavaPasswordSDK.jar or cyberark-cp-sdk-custom.jar) is installed. You can find this file on the Cyberark website or in the folder where Credential provider is installed. See Java Application Password SDK for related information.
  • A Safe is created for your application and your user account is added as a member of the safe. See Build the Environment for the Credential Provider for related information.
  • An application is created and your machine is added as an allowed machine. See Manage applications for related information.

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