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How to access Google Drive using a service account JSON file

To use a service account JSON file to access Google Drive, you need to first create a service account in Google API Console, then download the service account JSON file by completing the following steps using Google Chrome.

Before you begin

  1. A Google account has already been signed up for using Google Drive.
  2. In Google API Console, your project has been created, the Google Drive API has been enabled, and the product name has been set. For more information about how to make these configuration, see How to access Google Drive using client ID and secret.


  1. Go to Google API Console.
  2. Open the Service accounts page. If prompted, select your project.
  4. In the Create service account window, type a name for the service account, select Furnish a new private key and then the key type JSON.
  5. Click Create. In the pop-up window, choose a folder and click Save to store your service account JSON file securely. This JSON file can then be used by Google Drive components and metadata wizard to access Google Drive via the OAuth method Service Account.

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