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Retrieving data from Neo4j



  1. Double-click the tNeo4jInput component to open its Basic settings view.
  2. Select the Use an existing connection check box to reuse the connection opened by the tNeo4jConnection component.
  3. Click the [...] button next to Edit schema and define the schema corresponding to the node properties you want to retrieve and display. In this example, the schema is composed of two columns, name and position, both of type String.
    When done, click OK to close the Schema dialog box and propagate the schema to the next component.
    The defined schema columns automatically appear in the Mapping table.
  4. In the Query field, type in the Cypher query to match the data to read from the Neo4j database. In this example, use the following Cypher query to find the name and position of the manager whose ID is 2.
    "MATCH (ee:Managers{id:2}) RETURN, ee.position;"
    "MATCH (ee:Managers) WHERE = 2 RETURN, ee.position;"
  5. Fill the Return parameter field for each schema column with a return parameter in double quotes to map the node properties in the Neo4j database with the schema columns.
  6. Double-click the tLogRow component to open its Basic settings view, and select the Table (print values in cells of a table) option to display the retrieved information in a table.

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