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I did not set up Talend Cloud through Snowflake Partner Connect

About this task

To calculate the Talend Trust Score™, you must connect to a database on which you have the Snowflake privilege: CREATE SCHEMA.
Information noteImportant: Write rights are mandatory to calculate the Talend Trust Score™. This procedure lets Talend write data into a database to calculate the Talend Trust Score™ of another database. The written data is only temporary.


  1. In Talend Cloud Data Inventory, click Connections.
  2. Hover over the connection name and click the Edit connection icon.
    Edit connection icon
  3. In the JDBC URL field, add &tmp_db= followed by another database name wherever into the field.
    You must keep the parameter related to the connection database.
    Highlight of the part added in the JDBC URL.
    Here is an example of the URL structure containing the database parameters:

    The data can be read from the connection database and data can be written into another database to calculate the Talend Trust Score™.

  4. Click Validate.
  5. Go to Datasets > the desired dataset > Overview.
  6. Refresh the sample in the Data quality tile. The Talend Trust Score™ can be calculated.

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