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Creating a data quality rule in basic mode

About this task

In this example, you are working in a e-commerce company. You noticed some orders have not been shipped yet and you want to know why.

The purpose is to create two rules that will prevent any shipping delay. To do that, you need to check that the country is correct and the Tax Identification Number (TIN) is filled in.

Two data quality rules are used in this example:
  • One validates that: If the order status is In process, then the country is not empty and is spelled correctly according to the country semantic type.
  • The other one validates: If the customer is identified as a company, then the TIN is filled in.
Here is a sample of the dataset:
Sample of the dataset used in the scenario.


  1. Log in as a rule manager.
  2. In the left panel, click Data quality rules > Add rule.
  3. Enter the name: Country value check.
  4. Enter a description.
    The description is optional. It helps you find a rule when the rule names are similar.
  5. In the If part, click Add a row:
    1. Select Variable and enter the name order_status.
      The supported characters are [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9] and special characters: _ . @ $ #.
    Information noteNote: Data quality rules are templates. You will associate the variables with fields when applying the rule to a dataset.
    1. Select the operator is.
      For more information on the operators, see the The operators.
    2. Select Value and enter In Process.
  6. In the Then part, add two rows:
    1. Select the logical operator And.
    2. For the first row, select Variable and enter country.
    3. Select the operator is not empty.
    4. For the second row, select Variable and enter country.
    5. Select the operator is of type and select the semantic type Country.
      The rule is defined as follows:
      Configuration to create a data quality rule in basic mode.
  7. Click Save.
    The first rule is created.
  8. Following the previous steps, create the second rule named Customer Tax ID check.
    The rule is defined as follows:
    Configuration to create a data quality rule in basic mode.
  9. Click Save.
    The second rule is created.

What to do next

You can now Applying a data quality rule to a field the rules to fields.

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