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Downloading an OAS3 definition of the API

You can easily download an OAS3 definition of your enabled APIs.

From the API tile of your dataset, an OAS3 definition of your API is available as a json file. With this file, you can for example:

  • generate additional code.
  • deploy the OAS definition in a swagger documentation.

Before you begin

You have enabled an API on the dataset at least once, with a valid configuration.


  1. From the dataset list, click a dataset with an existing API.
  2. In the dataset overview, click the API tab of the left panel
  3. In the API tile, click Download API definition to retrieve a json file containing the OAS3 definition.

    The API can be disabled or enabled, as long as the configuration is valid.


After browsing to your preferred location for the file, the download starts.

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