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Create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


  1. Open the VPC console.
  2. Click Start VPC wizard.
  3. Select VPC with a Single Public Subnet.
    Information noteNote: For the sake of simplicity, we will limit to Public subnets. In real-life uses cases, you would certainly use Private subnets for hosting database and sensitive application data. For more information on Public/Private subnets and VPC, read the AWS documentation.
  4. To configure the VPC, use the following information:
    Field Value
    IP CIDR block
    VPC Name Talend VPC
    Public subnet
    Availability Zone eu-west-1a
    Subnet Name Public subnet eu-west-1a Talend ESB
  5. Click Create VPC.
    The VPC is successfully created.

    AWS should also have created along with the VPC the following items:

    • One public subnet named Public subnet eu-west-1a Talend ESB in Availability Zone eu-west-1a.
    • Two route tables associated with the VPC Talend VPC.
    • One Internet Gateway.
    • One default Network ACL associated with the public subnet Public subnet eu-west-1a Talend ESB.

    Once the VPC is created, we can then add a second subnet hosted in Avaibility Zone eu-west-1b.

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