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Using the JMS Appender

With this configuration events collected by different collectors will be written to a JMS queue using the JMS appender.

Before starting the JMS appender, the JMS feature must be installed in the Talend Runtime Container and a connection factory with the name tesbem must be created using the following commands in the Talend Runtime console, with <activemq-broker-host> and <activemq-broker-port> replaced by actual hostname/IP Address and port number of activemq broker:
feature:install jms
jms:create -t activemq --url tcp://<activemq-broker-host>:<activemq-broker-port> tesbem 
The Event Monitoring JMS Appender can be configured in org.apache.karaf.decanter.appender.jms.cfg as follows:
# Name of the JMS connection factory
# Name of the destination
# Type of the destination (queue or topic)
# Connection username
# username=
# Connection password
# password=
# Marshaller = (dataFormat=json)
To start the Event Monitoring with the JMS appender, enter the following command at the console prompt:
You can stop it with:

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