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Using the Log Appender

The log appender can be configured in org.apache.karaf.decanter.appender.log.cfg as follows:
# Marshaller = (dataFormat=json)

# File
filename = ${}/eventmonitoring/em.log
After starting the Talend Runtime Container, to start the Event Monitoring (EM) with the default profile, enter the following command at the console prompt:
You can stop the Event Monitoring using:
Note that the tesb.start-em-default and all tesb:start-em-agent-XXX commands will set the SAM Agent to send SAM Events to the EventAdmin endpoint if the collector.sendToEventadmin=true is set in org.talend.esb.sam.agent.cfg. To use the SAM Agent with the SAM Server without sending Event to Event Monitoring this parameter needs to be set back to false. This can be done with the command:
tesb:config-em-sam-agent true
tesb:config-em-sam-agent false

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