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Installing the wrapper

Install the Apache Karaf Service Wrapper to generate the Talend Runtime service files.


  1. Browse to the container\bin folder of the Talend Runtime installation directory, and launch the container by executing the trun.bat file in Administrator mode.
  2. To install the wrapper feature, run the following command:
    karaf@trun> feature:install wrapper
    Once installed, the wrapper feature provides the wrapper:install new command in the trun file, which allows you to install Talend Runtime as a service.
  3. To install the service, run the following command:
    karaf@trun> wrapper:install
    Alternatively, to register the container as a service in automatic start mode, run:
    karaf@trun> wrapper:install -s AUTO_START -n TALEND-CONTAINER -d Talend-Container -D "Talend Container Service"
    where TALEND-CONTAINER is the name of the service, Talend-Container is the display name of the service and "Talend Container Service" is the description of the service.
    Here is an example of the wrapper:install command executed on Windows:
    karaf@trun> wrapper:install -s AUTO_START -n TALEND-CONTAINER -d Talend-ContainerT -n 
    TALEND-CONTAINER -d Talend-Container -D "Talend Container Service"
    Creating file: C:\Builds\Talend-Runtime\bin\TALEND-CONTAINER-wrapper.exe
    Creating file: C:\Builds\Talend-Runtime\etc\TALEND-CONTAINER-wrapper.conf
    Creating file: C:\Builds\Talend-Runtime\bin\TALEND-CONTAINER-wrapper.bat
    Creating file: C:\Builds\Talend-Runtime\lib\wrapper.dll
    Creating file: C:\Builds\Talend-Runtime\lib\karaf-wrapper.jar
    Creating file: C:\Builds\Talend-Runtime\lib\karaf-wrapper-main.jar
    Setup complete. You may wish to tweak the JVM properties in the wrapper configuration file: 
    before installing and starting the service.
    To install the service, run:
    C:> C:\Builds\Talend-Runtime\bin\TALEND-CONTAINER-service.bat install
    Once installed, to start the service run:
    C:> net start "TALEND-CONTAINER"
    Once running, to stop the service run:
    C:> net stop "TALEND-CONTAINER"
    Once stopped, to remove the installed service run:
    C:> C:\Builds\Talend-Runtime\bin\TALEND-CONTAINER-service.bat remove


The Talend Runtime service files are generated. You can install the Talend Runtime service.

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