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Downloading execution logs

You can use these logs to analyze and debug your tasks or send them to support for additional assistance.

About this task

Child job logs are not available if you checked the Use an independent process to run subjob option of the tRunJob component in Talend Studio.

The execution logs for OSGi data services and Routes (deployed on Talend Runtime) show all log data from Talend Runtime for the duration of the current deployed task. Therefore, from the deployment to the undeployment of a task running on the same Talend Runtime, the Operator, who has access to one of the parallel deployed tasks on the same Talend Runtime, can see all logs. This also includes the log data produced by other Routes and data services running at the same time on the same Talend Runtime. Once a task is undeployed, its log collection stops.


  1. Go to Operations and click the required task.
  2. If you want to download all the logs, wait for them to load.
  3. Click Download. If some logs are still loading, they will not be in the log file. For more information, see Accessing task execution logs.
  4. Browse to the folder you want to save the log file in.

    The logs are exported into a plain text file with the UTC time by default. Use the API to download the logs in JSON format.

    The log type depends on the configuration from Talend Studio.
    This table presents the log types depending on the Talend Studio configuration
    Log type from the log file Talend Studio configuration Information
    null Not configured Complete logs (including technical information and all severity levels)
    1 User Cloud user operations
    2 Developer Talend Studio Integration Developers

    For more information about the logs in Talend Studio, see Configuring logs in Talend Studio.

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