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Setting up IP allowlist policy

In the IP allowlist tab, manage your IP allowlist.

Before you begin

You must have the Security Administrator role in Talend Management Console.


  1. Go to Users & Security > IP allowlist.
  2. Click the Add IP button. The Add IP addresses to IP allowlist page opens.
  3. Enter the IP or the IP range you want to grant access to Talend Cloud, add appropriate descriptions and click Add New.
    The format to be used must be IPv4 or IPv6. Related examples are presented on the same page.
  4. Once you have added either the IPs or IP ranges you need to grant access, click Save.
    The page switches back to the Login IP allowlist page and the added IPs or IP ranges appear on the IP allowlist.
  5. If you need to update or delete any of the entries on this IP allowlist, do the following:
    • Click that entry and then click the pencil icon to update this entry or click the trash bin icon to delete this entry.
    • Select multiple entries to delete them in one go.
  6. Carefully verify the IPs on your allowlist.
  7. To activate the IP allowlist:
    1. Toggle on the option Enable IP allowlist.
    2. In the pop-up message box, click Enable.
    Enable IP allowlist enabled.
    It requires up to 5 minutes for the IP restriction to take effect.


Now only the IPs or IP ranges on your IP allowlist are allowed to access Talend Cloud. You can still revise your allowlist or completely deactivate this list on this page.

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