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Moving or copying a Job task to another workspace

You can move or copy a specific task to another workspace in the same environment from the task details page.

Before you begin

You must have Author permission for the workspaces where the task is located and where you want to move or copy it.


  1. Open the Management page.
  2. Go to the Tasks tab.
  3. Select the task to open its details page or click the Operations menu icon next to its name.
    You can use the faceted search at the top of the page to filter the list for example by selecting the environment, workspace, and task type.
  4. From the details page, click More actions > Copy / Move on the top right corner.
    From the Tasks tab, click Copy / Move.
  5. Select the destination workspace.
  6. Click Move to put this task in another workspace or click Copy to create a duplicate of the task.
    When copying a task, -Copy is appended to its task name. You must edit the new task to configure its runtime and scheduling settings.

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