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Pausing pipeline task executions

Pause your task executions, for example when fixing an issue for a failed task or during a maintenance period, to make sure no executions will happen during these events.

Before you begin

  • You must have the appropriate permissions for the environment and workspace where the task is located.
  • You must have Execute permission to pause task executions.

About this task

You can pause task executions from its details page or from the Tasks tab. Once paused, no executions will be possible for this task anymore, including scheduled, manual, API, or webhook.

Any ongoing executions continue until completed. If a promotion is ongoing, the task will not be promoted.

If a task is paused and is part of a plan, it can fail the plan executions.


  1. Open the Management page.
  2. Go to the Tasks tab.
  3. Select the task to open its details page or click the More actions icon next to its name.
    You can use the faceted search at the top of the page to filter the list for example by selecting the environment, workspace, and task type.
  4. From the details page, click the Pause button on the top right corner.
    From the Tasks tab, click Pause.
  5. Optional: Type in the reason to pause your task.
  6. Click Pause.
    From the details page, you can see a message at the top of the details page explaining the task has been paused. You can also see who paused the task, on which date and why this operation was performed.
    Message for paused task.

    From the Tasks tab, your task is now marked as Paused in the State column.

    You can find paused tasks by using the State filter option from the Tasks tab.

    The Run now and Debug buttons are disabled in the Run overview page.

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