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Seat allocation per license

Based on your license, you have a defined number of seats available per application. Those seats are consumed by users according to the roles and permissions they have.

Users consume seats only by getting these roles and permissions. Once these roles and permissions are unassigned, users' seats become available again and you can assign these seats to other users.

A single user can consume up to one seat for each application.

Each user with at least one role or permission related to Talend Cloud Data Preparation, Talend Cloud Data Stewardship, Talend Studio, and Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer consumes a seat for that application.

Information noteNote: Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer seats are shared with Talend Studio seats.
Each user with at least one of the following default roles or individual permissions consumes a seat in Talend Management Console:
  • Roles
    • Environment Administrator
    • Infrastructure Administrator
    • Operator
  • Permissions
    The following table presents the names and IDs of permissions which consume a seat in Talend Management Console
    Permission names Permission IDs
    Promotion - Manage TMC_PIPELINE_MANAGEMENT
    Operations - Manage TMC_OPERATOR
    Environments - Manage TMC_ENVIRONMENT_MANAGEMENT
Information noteNote: A role is composed of permissions. For further information, see Managing roles.

The following example demonstrates how Talend Cloud administrators can handle seats among users:

When external consultants do not need to access Talend Cloud any more, you decide to keep their accounts in your Talend project so that their personal objects remain, but remove their roles and permissions to release seats. If, later on, you reassign these consultants to the same project, they do not automatically get any seats back and so their accounts are not operational, until you reassign them roles and permissions in the condition that some seats are still available.

When the number of users consuming seats exceeds the allowed number of seats

You may have received notification emails to remind you that the number of users consuming seats exceeds the number of seats allowed by your license.

This typically happens after a license change.

A due date to adjust the number of users accordingly is communicated in these notification emails. Before this due date, if you have deactivated users or unassigned user roles to make this number of users compliant with the available seat limits, you can ignore the following information.

Otherwise, Talend automatically unassigns roles from the users in excess starting from those who have the least activities according to their login dates. In this situation, expect the following changes to the resources related to these users:
  • All objects in their Personal workspaces remain but will not be accessible by the users that are still active, until you grant the Author permissions to these active users.

    For further information about the workspaces, see Managing workspaces.

  • All objects in their Shared workspaces also remain and will still be accessible by other users with appropriate roles.

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