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Using API to delete users

You can use the user management API to delete users.

Before you begin

Ensure that the account to be used to issue API calls has the Users - Management permissions.

About this task

In this section, Talend API Tester is used to demonstrate how to issue API calls to delete users.


  1. Generate a personal access token for your account:
    1. In the top-right corner, click your username.
    2. Click Profile preferences > Personal access tokens > Add token.
    3. Enter a token name and click Generate.
  2. Open Talend API Tester in your browser and select Delete from the Method list.
  3. In the field next to the Method drop-down list, enter the user management endpoint to be used: https://api.<your_environment><id_of_user_to_be_deleted>
    Your environment can be:
    • eu
    • us
    • us-west
  4. In the HEADERS area, click Add header and in the name field that is displayed, enter Authorization and in the value field, enterBearer and your personal access token. Enter a whitespace to separate Bearer and your personal access.
  5. Click Send to issue your call.


The deletion is accomplished successfully and the status code 204 is returned.
The deletion accomplished successfully and status code 204 returned.

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