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Tracking and controlling consumption

If you subscribed to a consumption-based plan, you can easily track and control what you use and spend.

All the information about your current subscription is detailed in the Account & Subscription page. You can access this page from any Talend Cloud application by clicking on your name in the page header.

The information on this page includes:

  • Your account name and ID. The account name can be useful to connect to a specific Talend Cloud account by entering <username>@<accountname> in the Email field of the login page.
  • The support level and subscription start date of your account.
  • The number of authorized users for the account.
  • The Usage meter which tracks your daily and monthly consumption.

Your consumption and the pricing can vary depending on two units:

  • The Account Usage. It is the time during which at least one engine is running. Concurrent engines do not increase the total uptime.
    Information noteNote: You can start and stop engines manually. Refer to Managing the Cloud Engine for Design.
  • Per Pipeline, which corresponds to the number and duration of pipeline executions. Every run is counted individually. For example, three pipelines running for respectively one, two and three hours will result in six billed hours, even if they run at the same time.
Information noteWarning: Engines started before subscribing to a plan are visible in the usage meter counts and charged from the moment you subscribe.

At any time, you can go to the INVOICE HISTORY tab to view and download invoices already issued in PDF format.

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