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Downloading the drivers by harvesting a model

You can download only the drivers needed for a given bridge by harvesting a model.

Before you begin

  • You have set up the Development server.
  • Sign in to Talend Data Catalog as an administrator using the Development server.


  1. Add a new model and select Apache Atlas as the import bridge.
  2. In the Import Setup tab, fill in the required parameter(s).
    You can enter random values as you only need to retrieve the drivers from this server.
  3. Click Test to test the connection.
    Even if the connection test failed, the drivers needed for the Apache Atlas bridge have been downloaded, as you can see in the Testing Error Messages dialog box.
  4. Once finished, close the dialog box.
  5. Go to <TDC_HOME>/TalendDataCatalog/data/download/MIMB/ and zip the directory.
  6. Copy it from the Development server to the Production server.


You are ready to import metadata with the Apache Atlas bridge using the Production server.

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