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How to retrieve third-party drivers when the Talend Data Catalog server has no Internet connection

Some import bridges need to access Apache Maven and/or other tool sites and use them automatically to download the drivers.

  • If the drivers have been successfully downloaded, messages like Downloading appear in the bridge log.
  • If the drivers have not been downloaded, messages like Error downloading data from URL appear in the bridge log.
When you use a server that does not have an Internet connection, you cannot download the drivers and the import can fail or be incomplete.

In this case, you need to use another server that has an Internet connection to retrieve the drivers and copy them to the first server.

Perform one of the following procedures each time you use an import bridge which requires an Internet connexion.
In the following example:
  • You use a Talend Data Catalog server, called Production, that cannot connect to the Internet for security reasons.
  • You need to import metadata using the Apache Atlas bridge, which requires an Internet connection to download specific drivers.
  • You use another server with an Internet access, called Development, to download the drivers.
  • You copy them manually from the Development server to the Production server.

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