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Downloading the drivers by using a command line

You can download all the drivers or only the drivers needed for a given bridge by using a command line.

Before you begin

  • You have set up the Development server.
  • You have signed in to Talend Data Catalog as an administrator using the Development server.


  1. Open the Windows command line or Linux terminal, and go to the <TDC_HOME>/TalendDataCatalog/bin folder.
  2. Execute the following command according to your operating system:
    • To download the necessary drivers for a given bridge:
      • -d -i <bridge_name> for Linux, in this example -d -i ApacheAtlas.
      • MIMB.bat -d -i <bridge_name> for Windows, in this example MIMB.bat -d -i ApacheAtlas.
    • To download all the drivers:
      • -d for Linux.
      • MIMB.bat -d for Windows.
      Information noteNote: This command will produce a patch file in the <TDC_HOME>/TalendDataCatalog/ directory. You can upload it to all connected agents. For more information, see Upgrading Talend Data Catalog.

    When the drivers have been successfully downloaded, the following message displays Downloaded the necessary drivers in: C:\TDC_HOME\TalendDataCatalog\bin\..\data.

  3. Once finished, close the command prompt window.
  4. Go to <TDC_HOME>/TalendDataCatalog/data/download/MIMB/ and zip the directory.
  5. Copy it from the Development server to the Production server.


You are ready to import metadata with the Apache Atlas bridge using the Production server.

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