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Defining the general properties of the File XML connection for an output file

About this task

In this step, the general metadata properties such as the Name, Purpose and Description are set.


  1. In the file metadata setup wizard, fill in the Name field, which is mandatory, and the Purpose and Description fields if you choose to do so. The information you provide in the Description field will appear as a tooltip when you move your mouse pointer over the file connection.
    Information noteNote:

    When you enter the general properties of the metadata to be created, you need to define the type of connection as either input or output. It is therefore advisable to enter information that will help you distinguish between your input and output schemas.

    File - Step 1 of 5 dialog box.
  2. If needed, set the version and status in the Version and Status fields respectively. You can also manage the version and status of a repository item in the Project Settings dialog box. For more information, see Upgrading the version of project items and Status management respectively.
  3. If needed, click the Select button next to the Path field to select a folder under the File XML node to hold your newly created file connection. Note that you cannot select a folder if you are editing an existing connection, but you can drag and drop it to a new folder whenever you want.
  4. Click Next to select the type of metadata.

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