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Defining the output schemas and mappings

About this task

To define the output schema and mappings, proceed as follows:


  1. Click the Output mapping tab to define the output schema and set its parameters.
  2. In the table to the left, select the parameter row and click the [+] button to add a parameter.
    The Parameter Tree dialog box opens.
    Parameter Tree dialog box.
  3. Select the parameter and click OK to close the dialog box.
    A new row appears showing the parameter you added, GetCountryByCountryCodeResult in this example.
  4. In the table to the right, click [...] to open the Schema dialog box.
  5. Define the output schema.
    In this example, the schema has only one column: Result.
  6. Click OK to validate your addition and close the dialog box.
  7. Create output parameter-schema mappings.
    In this example, drop the parameters.GetCountryByCountyCodeResult row from the table to the left onto the Result column to the right.
    File - Step 3 of 4 dialog box.
  8. Click Next to finalize the schema.

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