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Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) - Import


Bridge Requirements

This bridge:
  • is only supported on Microsoft Windows.

  • requires the tool to be installed to access its SDK.

Bridge Specifications

Vendor Oracle
Tool Name Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB)
Tool Version 10.2 to 11g
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Data Integration] Multi-Model, Metadata Repository, Data Store (Physical Data Model, OLAP Dimensional Model), ETL (Source and Target Data Stores, Transformation Lineage, Expression Parsing) via OMB API
Data Profiling
Incremental Harvesting
Multi-Model Harvesting
Remote Repository Browsing for Model Selection

Tool: Oracle / Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) version 10.2 to 11g via OMB API
Metadata: [Data Integration] Multi-Model, Metadata Repository, Data Store (Physical Data Model, OLAP Dimensional Model), ETL (Source and Target Data Stores, Transformation Lineage, Expression Parsing)
Component: OracleWarehouseBuilderOmb version 11.2.0


This bridge requires a working installation of Oracle Warehouse Builder in order to interface with its API. Please ensure that you are able to open OWB and view the metadata objects you are trying to import.

For OWB v. 11.3, please be sure to follow these steps:

1. Copy the following .JAR files from: ${MODEL_BRIDGE_HOME}\java\ to %OWB_HOME%\owb\lib\ext\

2. Copy the ${MODEL_BRIDGE_HOME}\conf\MIRModelBridgeTemplate\OracleWarehouseBuilderOmb\mimbexec.bat file into the same OWB directory.


Refer to the current general known limitations at or bundled in Documentation/ReadMe/MIMBKnownLimitations.html

Provide a troubleshooting package with:
- the debug log (can be set in the UI or in conf/ with MIR_LOG_LEVEL=6)
- the metadata backup if available (can be set in the Miscellaneous parameter with -backup option, although this common option is not implemented on all bridges for technical reasons).

Q: How do I provide metadata to the support team in order to reproduce an issue?
A: In order to reproduce an issue, an export of the source metadata must be provided. Please see for details.

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
Host Enter the host name or IP address where the Oracle Warehouse Builder repository server is running. STRING   localhost Mandatory
Port Enter the Oracle Warehouse Builder service port number. NUMERIC   1521 Mandatory
Service Enter the Oracle Warehouse Builder service name. STRING   orcl Mandatory
Repository Enter the Oracle Warehouse Builder Repository name. If this value is omitted the default repository will be used. STRING      
Project Enter the Oracle Warehouse Builder Project name you wish to import. REPOSITORY_MODEL     Mandatory
User Enter the database user name on whose behalf the connection is being made. Please ensure that you are able to open OWB and view the metadata objects you are trying to import with this username. STRING     Mandatory
Password Enter the password associated with the database username on whose behalf the connection is being made. PASSWORD     Mandatory
OWB version Specifies the version of OWB. ENUMERATED
Auto detect
10g* up to 11gR1
OWB home path The path to the Oracle Warehouse Builder home directory.

The directories are different for OWB 10g and OWB 11g.

- OWB 10g

- OWB 11g
DIRECTORY     Mandatory


Bridge Mapping

Meta Integration Repository (MIR)
(based on the OMG CWM standard)
"Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB)"
Mapping Comments
Association Foreign Key  
AssociationRole Foreign Key  
Multiplicity zero or one/ zero or more  
AssociationRoleNameMap Foreign Key, Primary Key  
Attribute Column  
Description Column.Description  
InitialValue Column.DefaultValue  
Name Column.Name  
Optional !Column.NotNull  
BaseType OracleType  
CandidateKey Primary Key, Index  
Name Name  
Class Table  
Description Table.Description  
Name Table.Name  
ClassifierMap Operator  
Description Operator.Description  
Name Operator.Name  
Cube Cube  
Description Cube.Description  
Name Cube.Name  
CubeDimensionAssociation Cube.Dimension  
DataAttribute Attribute  
Description Attribut.Description  
Name Attribute.Name  
DataSet Group  
Description Group.Description  
Name Group.Name  
DatabaseSchema OWB Module  
DerivedType ColumnType  
Name DataType  
DesignPackage Module  
Description Module.Description  
Name Module.Name  
Dimension Dimension  
Description Dimension.Description  
Name Dimension.Name  
DimensionAttribute DimensionAttribute  
Description DimensionAttribute.Description  
Name DimensionAttribute.Name  
FeatureMap Line  
Name Group.Name+Attribute.Name  
Hierarchy DimensionHierarchy  
Description DimensionHierarchy.Description  
Name DimensionHierarchy.Name  
Index Index  
Generate Index.type  
Name Index.Name  
IndexMember Index.Column  
Name Index.Column.Name  
Level Level  
Description Level.Description  
Name Level.Name  
LevelAttribute Level Attribute Ref  
Description Level Attribute Ref.Description  
Name Level Attribute Ref.Name  
LevelKey Level Attribute Ref  
Measure CubeMeasure  
DefaultAggregation Agregation function  
Description CubeMeasure.Description  
Name CubeMeasure.Name  
Name Project.Name  
SQLViewAssociation View (selected Tables)  
Name Table.Name+View.Name  
SQLViewAttribute View.Column  
Description View.Column.Description  
Name View.Column.Name  
SQLViewEntity View  
Description View.Description  
Name View.Name  
WhereClause View. ViewQuery  
StoreModel Project  

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