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Defining a new Composition relationship

Before you begin

  • You have a Talend Data Catalog Advanced Plus license edition.
  • You have been assigned a global role with the Application Administration capability.


  1. Go to MANAGE > Metamodel then click START EDITING.
  2. In the Object Types panel, select an object type from the list.
  3. On the right side of the properties, click the Relationships tab.
  4. Click the Add icon then select New relationship (composition).
  5. Select a child object type from the list.
  6. Fill in the group name.
    A composition role name should be a noun depicting the name of the child object.
  7. Select the cardinality then click OK.
  8. To open the properties of the new relationship, expand the node of the parent object and click the relationship name in the Object types panel.
  9. If necessary, select another package that the relationship is a member of.
    The Default package is assigned by default.
  10. If necessary, reorder the relationships in the list using the Move Down or Move Up icon.
  11. If necessary, remove a relationship type using the Remove selected relationships icon.
  12. Save your changes.


You are now ready to define model types.

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