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Hiding data in your catalog

You can protect sensitive data by:

  • Assigning objects roles to restrict access to this data.
    • With an object role including the Data Viewing capability, you can see profile and sample data which has not been hidden.
    • With an object role including the Data Management capability, you can hide profile and sample data and see hidden data.

    For more information about assigning object roles, see Assigning an object role on objects.

  • Assigning a sensitivity label configured to mask data. You can assign the sensitivity label as follows:
    • Assign manually the sensitivity label to a column to hide its data values.
    • Assign manually the sensitivity label from an object page.
    • Assign a data class with the sensitivity label.

      You can assign a data class manually or automatically through the automatic detection of data classification.

    • Enable the Hide data using Sensitivity Label option and select the sensitivity label in the model import options. By default, the newly imported objects in the model are automatically hidden.

You can view hidden data only if you have been assigned an object role with the Data Management capability.

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