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Migrating from Local Lucene Files to Bundled Solr Indexing Server

Assuming you have local Lucene indexing files in $MM_HOME/data/search , you must first stop the MM Application Server and set the Solr Indexing Server URL to internal using $MM_HOME/ -iu internal . At this point, restarting the MM Application Server will go on using your local Lucene index and therefore remain operational while populating the new internal Solr Indexing Server.

The MM Application Server will automatically make the switch to the new internal Solr Indexing Server once ready. This process may take many hours depending on the size of the repository to index. It is recommended to stop any metadata harvesting / model import during that process so that the index migration can complete as quickly as possible. This process can be checked by monitoring the Search Server section of MANAGE > System .

Once the upgrade process is complete, you can recover the local space by deleting / backing up the local index located at $MM_HOME/data/search .

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