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Migrating to Solr Indexing Server Troubleshooting

  1. Check the Solr setup parameters were save on:
    should have solr parameters at the end such as:
  2. Check for messages in the MM server log at:
    such as:
    [migrateIndex] (System) SEARCH_I0061 Solr core at http://localhost:11480/solr is started. Solr is running in the solr_4b8ab1e3 collection.
    [migrateIndex] (System) SEARCH_I0019 Search index is not found. Creating a new search index...
    [migrateIndex] (System) SEARCH_I0006 Deleting index for model [-1,-1].
    [migrateIndex] (System) SEARCH_I0068 Migrating the Lucene index to Solr: Total models 342. Models already migrated 1. Models to be migrated 341.
    [migrateIndex-4] (System) SEARCH_I0070 Migrating model [801,1] to Solr.
    [migrateIndex-3] (System) SEARCH_I0070 Migrating model [799,1] to Solr.
    [migrateIndex] (System) SEARCH_I0069 Finished migrating the Lucene index to Solr.
  3. Check that the Search Server section of MANAGE > System indicates Solr migration in progress and then the Solr Server details once the migration is completed.

Refresh the page to check status until the migration is completed as follows:

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