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System Attribute Filters Not Working With OR

Some system attribute filters are not evaluated by the search index. They are evaluated after the search. These filters do not work with the OR operator. They must be ANDed with other filters. Performance may suffer if a query contains any of these filters. Make sure you have more restrictive filters, such as a Category filter or Model system attribute filter in the same query.

  • "Business Description Inferred" (Deprecated)
  • "Business Description Inferred Origin" (Deprecated)
  • "Business Name Inferred" (Deprecated)
  • "Business Name Inferred Origin" (Deprecated)
  • Collections when used as a related object property
  • Context
  • Documentation
  • "Open In Tool"
  • "Has Data Impact"
  • "Has Data Lineage"
  • "Has Semantic Definition"
  • "Has Semantic Usage"
  • "Hide Data"
  • "Inferred Documentation"
  • "Mapped Documentation"
  • "My Workflow Tasks"
  • "Object Image"
  • “Sensitivity Label”
  • "Sensitivity Label Lineage Proposed"
  • Used
  • Watchers when used as a related object property
  • "Workflow Assignees"
  • "Workflow Deprecation Requested"
  • "Workflow Published"

These system attributes do not support the OR operator either when they are used as a related object type or related object property.

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