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Where Clause Examples

  • semantic_search_text='simon''s term'
  • text='customer -payment' within ('Name', 'Physical Name')
  • ("Endorsed By" != me OR "Certified By"='Administrator') AND "Warned By" NOT EXISTS
  • (customer_attr1 NOT EXISTS) AND (custom_attr2 != -200)
  • (("Updated Date" BETWEEN '1990-01-01' AND '1991-01-01') AND ("Updated Date" NOT BETWEEN '1990-10-01' AND '1992-01-02'))
  • ExpandedMembersOfRole('Workflow Editor') = ANY (ME, 'John')
  • "Updated Date"=YESTERDAY OR "Updated Date"=LAST 5 HOURS
  • "Object Type" = 'Database.Table' AND Children.Name CONTAINS 'ssn'

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