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Forward Engineering a Data Mapping to a DI Tool

The data mapping allows you to define all the physical data integration constructs, including joins, filters, transformation operations, etc.. You may forward engineer (export) this metadata into 3 rd -party data integration DI) tools.

Information note

Forward Engineering Export menus are only available with certain licenses .


  1. Sign in as a user with at least the Metadata Viewing capability object role assignment on the Data Mapping you are going to edit.
  2. Navigate to the object page for the data mapping content.
  3. Go to More Actions… > Export .
  4. Select the 3 rd party tool format from the Export to pull-down.
  5. Click Export .


Sign in as Administrator and go to the object page for the Adjustments to Staging data mapping.

Go to More Actions… > Export and select the format to export to and click EXPORT .

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