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Importing Data Models

First, we will import the data models. Oftentimes, one may point to the model repository for the respective tool, e.g., the Erwin Mart or ER/Studio Team Server. This way, one will have all the models conveniently imported as one repository model, and thus one may search multiple occurrences of the same data element (like a column that is repeated many times).


Import the models using the matching tool bridge as detailed in the Create a Model and Import Metadata section.


For the demo, we will import from files. We will import four Erwin DM models:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Staging Data Warehouse
  • Dimensional Data Warehouse.

Sign in as Administrator , go to MANAGE > Configuration and click the plus sign to Create a new Imported Model . Name it “Accounts Payable” and specify the erwin 9.x to 12.x Data Modeler (File) bridge.

For the File bridge parameter, browse to



Click OPEN .

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