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Installation and Upgrade
Release Notes
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Talend Remote Engine v2.11.2 is now generally available.

It is recommended to upgrade your engine to this version, as it contains all of the following new features and bug fixes.

Note: If you have downloaded v2.11.1, ensure to upgrade it to v2.11.2 to avoid regression issues.

New features

Feature Description
Remote Engine resilience You can now enable your engine to regularly and automatically delete useless artifacts to free up storage space, by defining the following parameters in <RemoteEngineInstallation>/etc/org.talend.ipaas.rt.deployment.agent.cfg:
  • local.maven.clean.interval.days: the automatic cleanup is enabled once you put a value greater than 0, for example,
    Then the cleanup happens every two days.
  • local.maven.clean.max.gb.size: the maximum size (in GB) allocated for artifacts to be stored in Remote Engine, for example,
    If the artifacts together exceed 8GB, when a scheduled cleanup service starts, the service deletes artifacts for which the last execution times are beyond the retention period, until the total size is reduced to be equal to or less than 8GB.
  • local.maven.clean.older.than.days: the retention period of an artifact, for example,
Log refreshing A Remote Engine v2.11.0 and onwards refreshes its logs much faster than its precedent versions.

It is recommended to download and use this new version so that you can have a more precise and more timely overview of your task runs.

Custom logging in Remote Engines V2.11.0 and onwards By default, a Remote Engine sends its logs to Talend Cloud. But you can define a custom logging system of your choice to store Remote Engine logs, with or without keeping this default option.

This allows you to prevent a Remote Engine from sending logs to Talend Cloud, depending on the security posture or the compliance policy of your organization.

For further information, see Setting up custom logging

Get started with Talend Remote Engine on Talend Remote Engine User Guide.

Bug fixes

Issue Description
TPOPS-2493, TPOPS-2478 After restarting the server, ESB tasks could not be deployed or undeployed
TPOPS-2498 ESB logging does not work with the 2.11 engine versions.

The parameter job.log.system.streams cannot be set to true if the folder TalendJobserverFiles is not in the Remote Engine root folder.

TPOPS-2208 The same task was executed twice