Setting up custom logging in a Remote Engine V2.11.0 and onwards - Cloud

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By default, a Remote Engine sends its logs to Talend Cloud. However, you can define an additional custom logging system of your choice to store Remote Engine logs, with or without keeping this default option.

If you keep the default option, your custom logging system and the default system work in parallel; if not, that is to say, you prevent your Remote Engine from sending logs to Talend Cloud, only your custom logging system receives logs.

Each of the following procedure describes a custom logging system option, for demonstration purpose only. The logging system to be used must be validated with the administrator for Talend Cloud of your organization.

For all the Log4j2 appenders, see Log4j 2 Appenders from the Apache documentation. You can use each of them to build your custom logging system, unless this appender requires extra libraries.