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Before you begin

You have already created several users of the same type from the Users page. For more information, see Adding a user.

About this task

Note: To perform these actions via the MetaServlet application, use the createUserGroup, addUserToUserGroup and listUserGroup commands. For more information about the MetaServlet parameters, see Parameters and actions in metaServlet.


  1. On the User Groups page, click the Add a user group button on the User Groups panel of the page.
  2. In the User Group window that opens, give a name, a type, corresponding roles (if necessary) to your user group and select Big Data Enabled if it applies, then click Save.


  3. On the Users panel of the page, select the users you want to add in your group, then drag and drop them in the corresponding group of the User Groups panel.
    Note that:
    • You can select multiple users with the Ctrl and SHIFT keys.
    • Master Data Management users can be added to Master Data Management, Data Management or Data Integration groups, Data Management users can added to Data Management or Data Integration groups, and Data Integration users can only be added to Data Integration groups.
    • Only users with the Big Data Enabled option selected can be added to a Big Data Enabled group.
    • For Talend Data Preparation and Talend Data Stewardship users: Data Preparation-only and Data Stewardship-only users (with no related project) can only be added to Data Preparation and Data Stewardship groups respectively, whereas hybrid users can only be assigned to the group type corresponding to their own user type (a hybrid Data Preparation or Data Stewardship+Data Integration user can be assigned to a Data Integration user group, for example).


Your user group is created and populated with the users you have selected.
Note: The User Groups page refreshes automatically every 30 seconds by default. You can adjust the frequency of the auto refresh by editing the value of the admin.userandgroup.conf.uiAutoRefreshFrequency property in seconds in the database configuration table. If it is set to 0, the auto refresh is disabled. Note that you need to restart the database server for the changes to take effect.

What to do next

Now that your user group is created, you can assign it to a project of the same type. For more information, see Authorizing users on projects.