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About this task

To display log information for a given task:


  1. From the Job Conductor page, select the task from the task list.
  2. In the Actions column, click the Display last execution details icon.
    A pop-up window opens with the last execution details of the selected task. From this window, you can visualize the logs, the context values and the advanced information of the task.
  3. Depending on the size of the task log, you can either watch a preview directly in the Log tab or download the complete log file by clicking the Download entire log button.
    Note that log files are stored in a folder for which the path has been defined in the Job Conductor node of the Configuration page. For more information, see the section about the Job Conductor parameters in Configuring Talend Administration Center.
    Note: Sometimes the Job Conductor opens execution logs with a delay because the interval between requests to Job server to retrieve logs is increased. This interval can be configured by the system property. For example in Apache Tomcat catalina.bat:
    export JAVA_OPTS="-DminWaitForNextDataRequestMs=100

    The interval is 2000 ms by default. You can set lower value to decrease the log population delay.