Importing user accounts from a file - 8.0

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You can import users from a file and integrate them directly in Talend Administration Center.

The file format used is JSON, for example:

    "role":["Administrator","Operation manager"],

The role, lastname, login, password, firstname and type fields are mandatory.

There are four user types available:
  • DI = Data Integration/ESB
  • DQ = Data Management
  • MDM = Master Data Management
  • NPA = No Project Access

Note that this option is not available if SSO was enabled.

Warning: It is not supported to import users from .doc or .docx files.


  1. On the toolbar of the Users page, click Import users. The Import users dialog box opens.
  2. Browse to the file that holds the accounts you want to import and click Upload.
    A confirmation message gives you the import status of each of the user accounts listed in the file.


  3. Click Close to close the confirmation message. The imported user accounts are listed in the account list, sorted by role.