Managing user sessions in Talend Studio, Talend Data Preparation and Talend Administration Center - 8.0

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About this task

From the Users page of Talend Administration Center, you can see which users are logged in the Talend Studio, in Talend Data Preparation and in Talend Administration Center and log them out if needed. This feature might be useful if your license includes users that can work simultaneously on Talend Studio or Talend Administration Center. For more information on concurrent users, see Managing licenses.

You can log out all logged users from the Talend Studio by clicking the Logout all users from studio button. To logout a specific user from the Talend Studio, Talend Data Preparation or Talend Administration Center, proceed as follows:


  1. On the user account list, select the user you want to log out and click the or icon on the Logged in column.
    The Manage user sessions dialog box opens and display the connection duration of the user to the Talend products.


  2. Click:
    • the Logout from Studio button next to the icon to log the user out of Talend Studio.
    • the Logout from TAC button next to the icon to log the user out of Talend Administration Center.
    • the Logout from DataPrep button next to the icon to log the user out of Talend Data Preparation
    • Logout from all to log the user out of both applications.