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With this configuration logs can be collected from a JMS queue by decanter-collector-jms and then written into the ${}/ eventmonitoring/em.log file.

Only Apache ActiveMQ Broker is supported in this release although the feature can work with other JMS Brokers.

Before using the JMS collector, the JMS feature must be installed in the Talend Runtime Container and a connection factory with the name tesbem must be created using the following commands in the Talend Runtime console, with <activemq-broker-host> and <activemq-broker-port> replaced by actual hostname/IP Address and port number of activemq-broker:
feature:install jms
jms:create -t activemq --url tcp://<activemq-broker-host>:<activemq-broker-port> tesbem 
The JMS collector can be configured in org.apache.karaf.decanter.collector.jms.cfg as follows:
# Name of the JMS connection factory
# Name of the destination
# Type of the destination (queue or topic)
# Connection username
# username=
# Connection password
# password=
# Field configuration
fields.add.serverTimestamp = TIMESTAMP
fields.add.logTimestamp = TIMESTAMP
fields.add.eventUUID = UUID
fields.rename.event.topics = logMessage
fields.add.category = osgi
fields.add.eventType = OSGiEvent
fields.remove.subject = true
fields.add.agentId = agent1
To start the Event Monitoring with the JMS collector, enter the following command at the console prompt:
You can stop it with: