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The portal generated by Talend Cloud API Designer integrates Try in API Tester buttons on every API, which allows users to open an API or a specific request in Talend Cloud API Tester and easily test it.

If several published endpoints are available for the same API, users can select the one that they want to use in their project:

If there is no published endpoint, a default example is used.

The button opens Talend Cloud API Tester if either the subscription extension or the Free Edition is already installed, otherwise it opens the Chrome Store to allow users to install the Free Edition of the extension.

An environment is automatically created in Talend Cloud API Tester. It contains:
  • A BaseUrl public variable with the endpoint selected.
  • A private variable for each authentication method defined in SECURITY SCHEMES.

For more information about Talend Cloud API Tester, see Talend Cloud API Tester User Guide.