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Assign workspace permissions to a service account so that it could run tasks that belong to the related workspace.

The API to be used is https://api.<env>{workspaceId}/service-accounts/{serviceAccountId}/permissions.

Note: Only one service account is used in this example. If you need to add permissions to a batch of service accounts, use https://api.<env>

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the user that issues API calls has the Users - Manage permission. The ID of this permission is TMC_USER_MANAGEMENT.

About this task

In this section, the following API call is issued:
method: POST
endpoint: https://api.<env>{workspaceId}/service-accounts/{serviceAccountId}/permissions
headers: {
 "Content-Type": "application/json",
 "Authorization": "Bearer <your_personal_access_token>"
payload: ["EXECUTE"]
It is implemented in Talend API Tester for demonstration purposes.


  1. Select POST from the Method list and in the field aside, enter the endpoint to be used:https://api.<env>{workspaceId}/service-accounts/{serviceAccountId}/permissions


    In this endpoint, serviceAccountId identifies the service account to which you want to assign workspace permissions.
    Note: This ID was randomly generated upon the creation of this service account. If you did not keep a copy of this ID, call GET /account/service-accounts to get list of all service accounts and find the one to be used by names.
    The workspaceId field indicates the workspace to which the task to be run belongs. You can obtain it through a API request or find it in Talend Management Console.
    • APIs:
      • use GET at the https://api.<env> for workspaces
    • In Talend Management Console, open the artifact list from the workspace and then open an artifact. The ID of the workspace appears in the URL of the Edit workspace page.
  2. Click Add header twice to add tow rows and enter the following key:value pairs.
    • Content-Type : application/json.
    • Authorization : Bearer <your_personal_access_token>
  3. In the BODY area, enter workspace permission to be assigned to this service account. In this example, the Execute permission is assigned.


  4. Send and save the request.


The permission is granted and the status code 201 is returned.