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All Talend Cloud REST APIs are using personal access tokens for authentication.

Other mechanisms are not supported. You should use these personal access tokens as Bearer tokens in the Authentication header parameter of your APIs requests. You can manage your personal access tokens in the Profile preferences page of your Talend Cloud account.

Note: Be sure to keep your personal access token private. If it is accidentally exposed, you can remove it from you Profile preferences page.
For example, you can use your personal access tokens:
  • With an API test client such as Talend Cloud API Tester:
  • In your scripts, as in the following cURL example:
    curl -i -X GET \
       -H "Authorization:Bearer 4QK8dAfojjIp27Pe0kyHU__SUAXHtQMLy4avbVDWfFVj9ujmsh--ogMGvD7pYlE9" \
  • When testing Talend Cloud APIs directly from the Swagger pages where they are documented: