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All Talend Cloud REST APIs are using access tokens for authentication.

These tokens could be personal access tokens for human users and service account tokens for non-human entities, that is to say, service accounts.

You should use these access tokens as Bearer tokens in the Authentication header parameter of your APIs requests.

  • For further information about how to generate a personal access token, see Generating a Personal Access Token.
    Note: Be sure to keep your personal access token private. If it is accidentally exposed, you can remove it from your Profile preferences page.
  • For further information about service access tokens, see Generating a service account token.
Take personal access tokens for example:
  • With an API test client such as Talend Cloud API Tester:
  • In your scripts, as in the following cURL example:
    curl -i -X GET \
       -H "Authorization:Bearer <your_personal_token>" \
  • When testing Talend Cloud APIs directly from the Swagger pages where they are documented: