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Workspaces enable selected users to work together preparing tasks and plans for execution, and allow them access to allocated engines.

Workspaces are used to share artifacts, tasks, plans, engines, connections, and resources. Restricting access to the workspaces and giving different permissions to users assigned to them increases security, offering additional protection to sensitive data.

A user's roles have no impact in a workspace; workspace permissions are separate from user permissions.

The following workspace permissions can be assigned to users:

Permission Description
Author Create and configure tasks
Execute Execute tasks
View View task details, run history, and execution logs
Manage Manage artifacts, connections, and resources
Publish Publish artifacts
Use engines

Execute tasks and view task details, run history and execution logs.

This workspace permission is available only to users that have the Engines - Use (TMC_ENGINE_USE) user permission.

Assigning workspace permissions to user groups is not supported.