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Call the /security/audit/logs endpoint to access your audit logs.

About this task

In this section, Talend API Tester is used to demonstrate how to issue API calls.


  1. Select GET from the Method list and in the field aside, enter the audit logs endpoint to be used: https://api.<env>


    The GET method is selected and the audit logs endpoint to be used is specified.
  2. Click Add header again and in the name field that is displayed, enter Authorization and in the value field, enter Bearer and the access token. Enter a whitespace to separate Bearer and the token.
  3. Click Send to issue your call.


    The audit logs are returned with the status code 200.

    The audit logs are returned with the status code 200. In this example, you can read the latest event that happens is the creation a service account in Talend Management Console, for which the application ID is TMC.

  4. Click Save as to save this API call on Talend API Tester so that you can directly use it when needs be.