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Talend Cloud Data Inventory with Snowflake Getting Started Guide

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The datasets you have added to Talend Cloud Data Inventory can easily be used as source for pipelines or raw material for preparations.

The dataset list and the dataset detailed view are direct entry points to the other Talend Cloud applications, namely Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer and Talend Cloud Data Preparation, so that you can seamlessly cleanse or further transform your data assets, which will help improve their Talend Trust Scoreā„¢.

  • Talend Cloud Data Preparation is a self-service application that enables information workers to simplify and expedite the laborious and time-consuming process of preparing data for analysis or other data-driven tasks. This tool allows you to perform cleansing, standardizing, or shaping operations on your data using a variety of functions, and offers discovery and profiling features.
  • Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer is a modern flexible integration tool you can use to process data at scale in an easy yet powerful manner. The tool provides a graphical web-based user interface to create complex end-to-end pipelines to process data at rest or in motion instantly through the schema-on-read framework, and see data in action with the live preview feature.


  1. To create a pipeline or preparation from a dataset, you have several options:
    • From the dataset list, point your mouse over the dataset you want to use as source material for a pipeline or preparation.
    • From the dataset detailed view, go to the top right of the sub-header bar.
    • From the dataset overview, go to the Pipelines or Preparations tiles.
  2. From there, you can either:
    • Click the Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer icon or go to the Pipelines tile if you want to start designing a pipeline with this dataset as source.
    • Click the Talend Cloud Data Preparation icon or go to the Preparations tile to start working on a preparation using this data as source material.
      Warning: Hierarchical type datasets are not supported by Talend Cloud Data Preparation, so you will not be able to create preparations from them.
    According to the application that you select, existing pipelines or preparations that have been created from this dataset will be listed with their creator.

    In the case of preparations, in addition to the list of existing ones, you will also be able to see the list of compatible preparations. These preparations have been created on a dataset that has the same model as the dataset you have currently selected, and you can click the Use button to directly apply it.

  3. Click Add to create the new pipeline or preparation.


The dedicated application opens and you can directly start working on your pipeline or preparation.
Note: If a dataset is being used as source for pipelines or preparations, it cannot be deleted before the corresponding pipelines or preparations have been deleted.