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Talend Cloud Data Inventory with Snowflake Getting Started Guide

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Talend Cloud Data Inventory offers ways to create a structured metadata system, or freely apply custom values to datasets.

Firstly, via the Custom attributes menu, you can create new metadata information following a set of predefined rules, to tag your dataset. You can benefit from a better documented inventory to search for datasets belonging to the same categories for example.

In Talend Cloud Data Inventory, custom attributes definitions are divided into two categories:

  • The List of values type, for which you create a list of compatible values that users will choose from.
  • The Text type, for which users can freely input a value, without restrictions.

And secondly, from the dataset Overview you can easily apply tags, that are another way of adding metadata to your datasets. Any text can be freely added as label, like a post-it, to document your datasets with meaningful keywords. Unlike custom attributes, they do not need to follow a predefined definition.

What you are going to do is create a new custom attribute called To clean, giving information on the need for cleansing operations or not. The two possible values will simply be yes or no. Moreover, you will add a tag for additional information.