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You can edit the rule configuration from the dataset.

Before you begin

At least one rule has been applied to a dataset.

About this task

Editing a rule from a dataset lets you modify the rule applied to this specific dataset. This does not impact other datasets or the rule in the Data quality rules tab.
Tip: You can also edit the rule from the dataset overview. For more information, see Editing a data quality rule from the dataset overview.


  1. Log in as a dataset manager or administrator with the Rules - View permission.
    To have the Rules - View permission, the roles Rule - Manager or Rule - Viewer must be assigned to you.
  2. Open a dataset in the Sample view.
  3. Select a field to which a rule is applied.
    Fields with a rule have the data quality rule icon displayed in their header.
  4. In the right panel, click the Open menu icon.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Modify the field or value associated to the variables.
  7. Click Validate. You are back to the Sample view.
    The rule is grayed out. You need to apply the change.
  8. Click Apply 1 change.
    The rule is edited and the quality bars are updated.